New tool for teaching-lecturing with the iPad and apps

Lecturing with an iPad

Perry J. Samson, University of Michigan

This is free e-book by Perry J. Samson, Associate Chair of the Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences at the University of Michigan.  It gives step by step instruction on how to lecture using an iPad with other tools.

Assessment: the key to success for forward looking institutions

Core Indicators of Effectiveness for Community Colleges. Third Edition
Alfred, Richard, Shults, Christopher  and  Seybert, Jeffrey
Community College Press. 2007

The key to success in today’s competitive environment is meeting the needs of key stakeholders who may have competing interests. Community colleges must meet the challenge to deliver value and to measure performance in ways that are meaningful to different groups. Forward-looking institutions are investing in assessment and capitalizing on its returns. Unfortunately, many colleges do not have the resources, the technology, or the capability to engage in a comprehensive institutional effectiveness and student outcomes assessment program. Too many institutions leave themselves vulnerable to policymakers’ questions about performance on traditional measures of students’ success because of their continuing inability to produce credible data documenting student and institutional performance. And, ultimately, all community colleges are going to face questions about their contribution to something beyond their own stakeholders and immediate community: the well-being of the nation. The model the authors present in this edition differs from that presented in the last edition in several ways. To emphasize the importance of thinking globally about effectiveness, they have added a new mission, “contribution to the public good.” They have folded the “developmental skills” mission into the “general education” mission in the belief that threshold capabilities in reading, writing, and mathematics produced through developmental courses are a vital part of the general education mission of community colleges. They have also broadened the scope of the model to include the regional and national impact of stakeholders. The following chapters are included in this edition: (1) The Changing Context for Effectiveness; (2) Assessing Effectiveness; (3) Core Indicators: A Technical Description; (4) Effectiveness Assessment and Accountability; and (5) Tomorrow’s Playing Field. An index is provided. (Contains 4 tables and 4 figures.)