Using technology to stave off rising costs

“The ‘Cost Disease’ in Higher Education: Is Technology the Answer?”

William G. Bowen, 2012

Bowen examines key aspects of economics in higher education—such as cost trends, affordability issues, and productivity—and the potential impact online learning could have on them.  Written by William G. Bowen, founding chairman of ITHAKA and board member, this two-part lecture was first presented through the Tanner Lecture Series  in October 2012.  Taking a system-wide perspective, Bowen provides context for the rising costs in higher education, particularly at public institutions, and discusses how those costs might be addressed through the use of new technologies.

UMinn Duluth looks at web-based research for tenure & promotion

Faculty Scholarship

Peter Angelos and Linda Deneen

University of Minnesota Duluth

October 2010

The University of Minnesota Duluth chancellor appointed a committee in 2008 to develop “a campus-wide statement in terms of the acceptability of technology and web-based research and scholarship within the promotion and tenure process.” The committee created a report, which academic units used to revise tenure and promotion guidelines.

Lee Raine on universities in 2020

Universities in 2020: A Technology Perspective,
Lee Rainie, January 27, 2011

A powerpoint presentation delivered by Lee Raine, director of the Pew Internet Project to the Virginia Tech Task Force in January 2011.

“Implications for higher ed

•Constant connectivity changes social patterns and info flows: real-time info/analytics become powerful

•Knowledge and tribal niches proliferate even more

•Credentialing and validation of knowledge is expanded

•New “market players” enter the space – commercial, open source”