The ABCs of BYOD

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“Campbell and his team, including Network Infrastructure Director Mary Wymbs, couldn’t see into the future, but the growing supply of smartphones, tablets and notebooks students and faculty were bringing to campus made one thing clear: Rather than investing scarce dollars in a big wired ­infrastructure and computers that sat on desks, they decided to encourage users to bring their own devices to campus and focus IT resources on providing the wireless access, security and virtual applications they required to do their work.”

Reconfigure Computer Labs

EdTech magazine

“The CIS Lab, opened in 2000, was a typical computer lab for its time: 40 computers faced the walls and students went there to access the Internet and get help with homework. As wireless access grew, traffic declined, and tutors often spent more time doing their own homework than helping students or interacting with technology.”

13 Impressive Statistics About Mobile Device Use

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“If you own a cell phone, a smartphone or a tablet, you have probably experienced nomophobia to some degree. It is the fear of being without a mobile device. The root of the word comes from “no mobile,” and it’s a real disorder, affecting everyone from teens to senior citizens. As connection speeds become faster, hardware becomes sleeker and software becomes more useful, reliance on and fascination with mobile devices seem to increase.”

64 EdTech Lists for College Professors, Administrators, and IT Professionals

EdTech magazine

“By leveraging the right technology in the right situations, professors can deepen student engagement and improve learning outcomes. That is the ultimate goal of technology in any education setting. Of course, all of this technology relies on a robust infrastructure to support connectivity and communication. And don’t forget training, supporting and troubleshooting. Technology is a complex beast to tackle, and the introduction of consumer technology on campus has further muddied the issue.”