A Curriculum for the Selfie Generation

The Chronicle of Higher Education

“Students seldom relish required courses. They are often seen as a burden that everyone would rather get out of the way—a bit like flossing.

“Some colleges think they’ve found a solution: They have adopted a curricular approach fit for a generation of oversharers and made the courses all about the students.”


NO CLASSROOMS, JUST EXPERIENCES: “free thinking” the future of higher ed

The Chronicle of Higher Education

“I’m serving on a ‘Student Experience Task Force’— which among other things is exploring the relationship between residence halls, classrooms, laboratories, dining facilities, student centers, libraries, gyms, and outdoor spaces across my campus—with an eye toward long-term strategies. This is a yearlong process.

Our first assignment was to ‘free think’ one possibility twenty to thirty years from now. These ideas were not expected to be grounded in reality— but to intentionally be provocative, disruptive, or transformative.”


A Rookie Admissions Director Looks Back

Chronicle of Higher Education byScott Andrew Schultz

“In response to our data concerns, we made plans to conduct an admission validity study with the help of the College Board. This study would tell us more about how our students perform once enrolled, thereby informing our admission requirements and evaluation processes. “


Do We Need New Metrics in College Admissions?

Chronicle of Higher Education by James Jump

“Education thought-leaders have argued that today’s college graduates will need creativity, collaboration, empathy, technological savvy, and a global perspective to succeed. How are colleges incorporating those skills into their curricula and into their admissions processes? Several years ago at a counselor’s breakfast with admissions officers from Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Penn, and Georgetown, I asked what discussion about 21st-century skills was taking place on their campuses and in their offices. The answer was “none.”