Has scholarly publishing lost its way? Are too many books being published?

To Publish and Perish: Who Are the Dinosaurs in Scholarly Publishing?

Fredrika J. Teute, Journal of Scholarly Publishing, January 2001.

“The author argues that what was originally conceived as an activity for the advancement of scholarship has become corrupted by considerations of tenure and by marketing concerns.  She offers some radical solutions to these problems, including revising tenure requirements and seriously considering electronic means of communication.  Ultimately, the author argues that a reassessment of the role of publishing in the scholarly enterprise is long overdue.”

Electronic publishing in promotion and tenure

EBSCOhost: E-Scholarship and Electronic Publishing in the Twenty-First Century: Implications for the Academic Community

Aldrin E. Sweeney, Educational Media International, March 2001.

“The purpose of this exploratory study was to investigate the perceptions toward electronic academic publishing held by university administrators and faculty within the Florida State University System. Findings of the study suggest that while there currently are no established formal policies in Florida’s ten state universities regarding the acknowledgement of electronic scholarly publications in promotion and tenure decisions for university faculty, several informal policies exist within various university departments and programme areas. This indicates that the issue of electronic publishing in promotion and tenure decisions is beginning to be seriously considered. This is likely to generate further discussion and deliberation among those responsible for assessing the scholarly productivity of university faculty. The study concludes by recommending the implementation of formal policies in the Florida State University System regarding electronic scholarly publications and also provides suggestions for further, more detailed study of this issue.”