Don’t wait until it’s perfect

Ivy League Professors and Innovation: The Controversy

To the readers who called us idiots in response to our last column, allow us to explain ourselves

By G. Michael Maddock and Raphael Louis Vitón

“We love the idea of using proven methodologies to mitigate risk, but absolutely nothing can create success more readily than a learning culture, an inventive team, and the ability to respond rapidly to a small market. Respectfully, if you wait until it is perfect, you may lose millions to a company that got a product to market years before yours was ready.”

About this image–the Point of Perception

The Point of Perception. Part 1 Sept 2009

The Point of Perception is a collaborative project between artist Madi Boyd and neuroscientists Dr Mark Lythgoe and Dr Beau Lotto.

“We are creating a body of work about ambiguity in perception. The Point of Perception installation is immersive and experiential- allowing people to become more aware of themselves seeing. It is also mysterious- we have utilised aspects of illusion and many viewers find themselves mesmerised and unable to resolve what they are looking at. Most are compelled to touch the work as they require another sense to help them perceive.

We sculpted the entire room to create a controlled environment with an ambiguous space in the centre. The space appears at first entry to be a 2D screen but as the viewer approaches the space it seems to extend backwards, become 3D and eventually to be enormous. As it is moving image, the space then continues to grow and shrink- hence the ambiguity. The interest for us in this confusion is partly how and why we were able to create this puzzle for the brain, but moreover what emotion that produced in the viewer.”

Photo: Sylvain Deleu

For more images go to the Point of Perception Website