Minority Applicants to Colleges Will Rise Significantly by 2020

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

We project that 45 percent of the nation’s public high school graduates will be non-White by 2019-20, compared to 38 percent in the class of 2009. This pattern is driven most obviously by the rapid increase in the number of Hispanics completing high school, corresponding to a nearly equivalent decline in the number of White non-Hispanics. At the same time, the number of Asians/Pacific Islanders graduating from high school is also rising rapidly, offsetting Black non-Hispanic numbers, which are expected to drop. Nationally, between 2008-09 and 2019-20, the nation’s public high schools will collectively produce:

• 228,000 fewer White non-Hispanic graduates (a decline of 12 percent).
• About 197,000 more Hispanic graduates (an increase of 41 percent).
• 49,000 more Asian/Pacific Islander graduates (an increase of 30 percent).
• 41,000 fewer Black non-Hispanic graduates (a decline of 9 percent).
• More than 500 additional American Indian/Alaska
Native graduates (an increase of just under 2 percent).