A guided tour through IT in higher education 2011

The EDUCAUSE 2011 Core Data Service Report: Highlights and Insights into Higher Education Information Technology 

Susan Grajek and Pam Arroway,


This report summarizes results from the 2011 EDUCAUSE Core Data Service survey data. More than 800 institutions participated this year and contributed data for an expanded set of topics, including data centers, information security, research computing, and distributed IT. Key findings, important trends, and similarities and differences across different types of institutions are highlighted.

Previously, the name of the CDS report reflected the fiscal year for which the financial data in that report were collected. The result was that the CDS Fiscal Year 2009 Summary Report, for example, was released in October 2010. Beginning this year, the report title reflects the calendar year in which the data were collected and analyzed because the CDS data extend beyond financial data. While this change results in the appearance of a skipped year, the Core Data Service runs sequentially, with no years skipped.


2 comments on “A guided tour through IT in higher education 2011

  1. helminen says:

    Это было интересно, спасибо.

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