Setting goals for 2020 in British Columbia

Campus 2020–Thinking Ahead: the report.  Access & Excellence: British Columbia’s Post-Secondary Education System
Geoff Plant, QC, Special Advisor
April 2007

“We are not called to mediocrity. We are called to be the best. Campus 2020 starts from and builds on that goal.

That is one of the reasons my report calls for setting clear, concrete and measurable targets that express, in summary, our goals for higher education. These targets must be public, and they must incorporate achievable yet demanding timelines. A few of the targets set out in this report are:

  • By 2010, BC will consistently be one of the three highest spending provinces in terms of provincial support for basic and applied research.
  • By 2015, BC will achieve the highest level of participation in post-secondary education per capita in Canada, confer more post-secondary credentials per capita than any other province and rank top in the country on quality measures focused on student achievement.
  • By 2020, post-secondary participation and attainment rates will be equalized across the province’s regions and income quartiles.
  • By 2020, the rate of Aboriginal post-secondary participation and attainment will equal general population rates, and we will have reduced by 50 per cent the proportion of BC adults not achieving high school equivalency by age 30.”

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