Innovation challenges

Tim Jones
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One comment on “Innovation challenges

  1. Bryan Marinelli says:

    Although this presentation is very general and asks some big questions, it did prompt some thinking about the kinds of courses/programs that the College might offer, or the kinds of research that students within certain programs might be encouraged to pursue. For example, the presentation predicts that the center of gravity of global wealth will shift East. Should our business courses place greater emphasis on Eastern or comparative economies? Should PC students somehow be immersed in these economies (e.g., via study abroad)? The presentation also predicts increases in obesity and diabetes. Should we be graduating more students (in HPM, for example) who are equipped to help combat these “epidemics”? Could we develop a center for the study of obesity with a professional journal attached? faculty from across disciplines (biology, chemistry, HPM, psychology, social work, psychology) could be involved in this endeavor, and students could join faculty in conducting research and publishing articles. The presentation also reminds us how important alternative energy sources (e.g., solar energy) will become. Should our science courses and programs place greater emphasis on the means to harness alternative energy sources?

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