Tools to help the non-traditional student

Adult Learning Theory: Applications to Non-Traditional College Students.
Cari Kenner and Jason Weinerman,
Journal of College Reading and Learning, 41(2), 87-96 2011

“Adult learners that enter today’s higher education community bring learning styles and life experiences that may either be critical foundations for future success or deeply entrenched beliefs that hinder learning in the academic environment. As adult learners enroll in their entry level courses, college instructors will need to realize that these adult learners differ from the traditional college student. Although these differences present challenges for educators, they also provide opportunities for educators to embrace the life experiences and wisdom that these adult learners bring to the collegiate community. While adult learners can be classified in many ways, this paper will focus on how best to understand and teach entry-level adult learners who are between the ages of 25 and 50, have a high school diploma or a GED, are financially independent, and have one semester or less of college-level coursework. By understanding what makes adult learners different from traditional students, developmental educators can provide specific tools that help adult learners integrate into the college or university environment and increase their chances for success.”


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