State level projections

Projections of Education Statistics to 2019. Thirty-Eighth Edition.
W. J. Hussar and T. M. Bailey

National Center for Education Statistics, 2011

“Projections of Education Statistics to 2019” is the 38th report in a series begun in 1964. It includes statistics on elementary and secondary schools and degree-granting institutions. This report provides revisions of projections shown in “Projections of Education Statistics to 2018.” Included are projections of enrollment, graduates, teachers, and expenditures to the year 2019. This is the first edition of the “Projections of Education Statistics” to include projections of elementary and secondary school enrollment and high school graduates by race/ethnicity. In addition to projections at the national level, the report includes projections of public elementary and secondary school enrollment and public high school graduates to the year 2019 at the state level. The projections in this report were produced by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) to provide researchers, policy analysts, and others with state-level projections developed using a consistent methodology. Six appendixes are included: (1) Introduction to Projection Methodology; (2) Supplementary Tables; (3) Data Sources; (4) References; (5) List of Abbreviations; and (6) Glossary. (Contains 69 tables, 7 exhibits, and 28 figures.)”


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