Radical rethinking of facility design and flexible educators to make the most of it

Designing and Building for the Class of 2020.
Jay W. Schneider
Building Design and Construction; v47 n11 , p24-28,30,35,36,38 ; Sep 2006

“The nation’s colleges and universities have a decade until they welcome the Class of 2020 to campus. That’s just 10 years for schools to prepare for the demands these students will make on both their academic programs and physical facilities.

Judging by the presentations at this summer’s joint conference of the Society of College and University Planners, the National Association of College and University Business Officers, and the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers, the student population entering college 10 years from now will require a radical rethinking of campus facility design. Building Teams need to start working with colleges and universities to plan some of the most significant changes to happen to academic facilities in recent memory—to design and build multipurpose academic buildings with flexible spaces that accommodate formal, informal, and group learning and residence halls that offer true live/work/play environments.“


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