Collaboration between faculty and students; who’s teaching whom

2020 teachers
Steve Wheeler
Learning with ‘e’s, March 20, 2011

“For the teachers who responded to my Twitter questions, there seemed an unanimous view that there will be a sea-change in the way teachers conduct themselves in education, and that teachers will drive these changes…

…From these views, it would appear that future changes in education will come from teachers adopting new practices, where social learning comes to the fore, and there is more negotiation through dialogue with learners. Teacher Linda Barron in Australia even goes as far as to suggest that collaboration should be so entrenched in future learning that it will be difficult to tell the teachers apart from the learners. Changes will need to come through flexibility and personalisation of learning, which will also bring new technologies into play. Changes are coming, and we will need to wait to see what they are, but we need the right changes. It is best that the future of learning will be shaped by teachers and their students in partnership, rather than by governments. Let’s start now, shall we?”


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