Advances in science and new disciplines

The shape of jobs to come: Possible New Careers Emerging from Advances in Science and Technology (2010 – 2030)
Rohit Talwar and Tim Hancock
Fast Future Research, January 2010

“An Era of Opportunity
The study highlights that we are entering a new era for science and technology. The combination of rising public understanding of and trust in science, the benefits being felt across all aspects of our lives and the rapid pace of advances being made across a number of new disciplines are helping to raise prominence in the public domain. For the longer term, the centrality of science and technology in helping to tackle the most pressing planetary challenges from poverty to clean water, environment to human health, climate change to energy supply and housing to transport are ensuring that science and technology are at the heart of the sustainable development debate.
New Markets New Jobs
Commercially, it is clear that science and technology can spur innovation, transform existing industries, create new business models and give birth to entire new sectors – underpinning the economic importance to developed and developing economies alike. The scale of potential impact has led to a massive increase in science funding from the public and private sector globally. This increased funding is fuelling the growth of opportunities to work in existing disciplines, in emerging sectors and in the jobs of the future which will result from developments on the horizon.”


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