Rising competition for international students

International Student Mobility: Patterns and Trends
Line Verbik and Veronica Lasanowski
Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, September 2007

The international student market is changing. An increasing number of higher education opportunities for study at home and abroad is contributing to rising competition in the international student market. In an attempt to attract the growing number of prospective students seeking higher education, individual institutions and national governments are looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In an attempt to do so, they are developing and implementing targeted recruitment strategies to grow new markets or expand in already established ones. Motivational factors in the decision-making process for student application to an overseas destination include employment and residency opportunities, the quality of the ‘student experience’, including accommodation and social activities, and the costs associated with an international education. Through an analysis of national data produced by official government sources, this report provides a comprehensive overview of recent patterns in international student mobility, assesses current factors influencing government policy towards strategic recruitment and identifies future trends likely to affect mobility in coming years.


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