Net price calculators

Calculating Costs and Benefits
Inside Higher Ed, September 20, 2011

“New federal requirements have lately been likely to draw groans and complaints from college and university officials who feel deluged by ever-changing rules and regulations. But one change taking effect later this year has found many colleges ready, even eager, to comply.
The requirement that colleges display “net price calculators,” which prospective students can use to estimate how much they will have to pay after federal or institutional grants, has become the rare mandate that many colleges have embraced — and that a small private industry has sprung up to help fulfill.

The calculators are seen as a boon for admissions officers, who want to use them to reach prospective students, and for financial aid advisers, who see them as a starting point; they are even seen as a way to reshape institutional aid and pricing policies by making practices more transparent. (Some admissions experts are more skeptical. See this Views essay from Inside Higher Ed that ran last year.)…”


2 comments on “Net price calculators

  1. Cathy G. says:

    Please tag as a key resource

  2. bartolini says:

    agreed – key resource (bjb)
    illustrates where mandated transparency is headed

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