Meaningful measures of learning

Invent the Future :VT 2020
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Analytic Futures

“Futures Scenario: An Office of Academic Assessment Report from 2020:              Our understanding of meaningful measures of learning transformed rapidly in the years following the Learning Technology Task Force work conducted in early 2011. This led to advances in pedagogy and an expansion of university-wide support for teaching. The university’s recommitment to teaching naturally led us to invent new assessment practices. A new class of assessment tools and practices now allow us to view evidence of learning across students, courses, programs, departments, and colleges.”

Smart Assessment & Learning Analytics

“Many challenges await us as we design assessments to deepen learning.  We need to develop analytics that do far more than function as in loco parentis for students. How do we foster student agency and choice for best decision-making practices on their part as they learn how to learn? So, a refined “best practices” for creating and utilizing sophisticated learning analytics would be ideal.”

2 comments on “Meaningful measures of learning

  1. bartolini says:

    recommend move from accountability/transparency to teaching/learning/research (bjb)

  2. Tom Frank says:

    Some useful measures here…

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