Assessment endeavors charting new territory

Current Hot Topics/Trends in Assessment Research
Student Voice/CampusLabs, 8/18/2010

“Due to the relative newness and inherent fluidity of the higher education assessment field, hot topics and trends are in constant flux. The research undertaken in order to evaluate the success of higher education initiatives and the landscape of data made accessible by assessment brings with it a host of issues and shifting needs. Also, the increasingly apparent impact of the use of technology, both in academia and student affairs and within the assessment field itself, has its own benefits as well as newfound concerns. In many ways, higher education professionals undertaking assessment endeavors are charting new territory, and instances of both research-based and reflective, theoretical dialogue on the issues of greatest concern to those assessing higher education programs are both abundant and considered necessary.”


2 comments on “Assessment endeavors charting new territory

  1. Yvonne says:

    Not a key document, but useful to understand how technology can aid in assessment and accountability. Provides a few examples of software which can be used. (YA)

  2. bartolini says:

    agreed – not a key article, but recommend keep at this point (bjb)

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