Relating spending to access and success

The Delta Project                      Unlike other organizations in higher education, the Delta Project is focused on the spending part of the college cost problem – how spending relates to access and success, and ways that costs can be controlled without compromising quality.  This requires a change in traditional approaches to higher education finance – from a focus on inputs (enrollments) and efficiency measures (funding per student) — to an integrated view of  productivity, and how funds are used to ensure access, equity, and successful learning results.

Delta Project Reports

Reports From Other Sources


2 comments on “Relating spending to access and success

  1. Tom Frank says:

    Higher Ed cost metrics data base maintained by NCES

  2. bartolini says:

    recommend key resource (bjb)
    The Delta Project on Postsecondary Education Costs, Productivity, and Accountability is an important research project and will become an ongoing facet of the IPEDS data collection process in 2012

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