Life in 2020

Just Imagine…what will life be like in 2020?
CNN Special Website, 2009

Presents a variety of topics using video and web pages to explore what life may be like in 2020.
The future of learning

Interview: Yasuaki Sakyo

Yasuaki Sakyo, president of Shibuya University, believes that education should be lifelong. At Shibuya, courses are free and open to all; classes take place in shops, cafes and outside; and anyone can be a teacher.


2 comments on “Life in 2020

  1. Bryan Marinelli says:

    This website presents an array of potential advances in science, technology and design (e.g., architecture, fashion). For example, one article presents a design for a universal toilet that caters to both able-bodied and disabled people. The article goes on to suggest that the development of more universal products (i.e., products that can be used by able-bodied and disabled people alike) is an emerging trend. Other articles focus on emerging trends in workplace environments (e.g., desks with built-in treadmills, portable meeting rooms), the design of buildings (e.g., airports, skyscrapers), and disease prevention (through genetic engineering). While there is no focus on higher education in America, the many articles here support the notion that colleges and universities can (and probably should) take an active role in training innovative and entrepreneurial thinkers who can help to shape the future.

    • Bryan Marinelli says:

      In my previous post, I neglected to mention that the piece on Shibuya University. The article discusses an open “university” where anyone can attend, anyone can teach, and there is no campus. Given the fact that PC aims to remain residential with a centralized campus, this concept, while interesting, does not seem pertinent to our project.

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