Charting the future–caught on video!

Education Sector

“Education Sector is an independent think tank that challenges conventional thinking in education policy. We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to achieving measurable impact in education policy, both by improving existing reform initiatives and by developing new, innovative solutions to our nation’s most pressing education problems.

The ultimate beneficiaries of our work are students. Our mission is to promote changes in policy and practice that lead to improved student opportunities and outcomes.”

“Charting the Future of Higher Education” event September 15, 2011

Lumina Foundation’s Jamie Merisotis talks about how the ideas laid out in Washington Monthly’s 2011 College Guide may help the United States achieve greater global competitiveness in higher education.

Kevin Carey talks about the outdated process by which students make a match to colleges.

ConnectEdu’s Craig Powell says “where you go to college has very little to do with your lifetime success.”

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