World class schools of tomorrow

The Empty Cup (Power Teaching in a Digital Age)
Jerry E. Fluellen, Jr.
Future of Learning Summer Institute 2010, Harvard Graduate School of Education

What might count as a world class, national public education system in 2020? That empty cup took the floor at the 2010 Future of Learning (FoL) Summer Institute at Harvard University. It traveled from Longfellow Hall’s lecture room on Appian Way to several learning groups scattered around campus. Though not deliberately created to think about world class schools tomorrow, interaction amongst speakers, facilitators, and educators from across the United States and 26 other countries as well as ongoing reflection built into the institute all assured that deep thinking about education tomorrow would take place. The institute aimed at putting ideas into action once back home. Thus, as an emergent property of FoL, the power teaching prototype suggested three factors that might frame education at Edward Waters College (EWC) in Jacksonville, Florida. Vision became action. Put simply in a mathematical metaphor, P=fm/c {where P = power teaching; f = future of learning with four levels (teaching for understanding, information literacy, Howard Gardner’s five minds for the future, David Perkins’s learning by wholes), m = Ellen Langer’s mindfulness theory, and c = context (mind brain education and consciousness based education)}. These factors allow educators to design, deliver and assess instruction in K-16 settings. Finally, the model case featured in this occasional paper is a Tests and Measurements course at Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, Florida. Thus, the paper offers chances to “think locally” and “wonder globally.” A working bibliography is included.


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