Value of IT=support

From the Campus to the Future.
Diana G. Oblinger
EDUCAUSE Review, 45(1), 42-44. 2010.

The purpose of higher education is to equip students for success in life–in their workplaces, in their communities, and in their personal lives. Yet though this purpose has remained constant for centuries, colleges and universities themselves are undergoing major changes. The campus, the library, the refereed journal article, the classroom, and the traditional-age student–common features of higher education today–may be inadequate in describing higher education tomorrow. Although the purpose of higher education has not changed in centuries, information technology–with its drive for innovation and entrepreneurism–has increased the options for widening that purpose from the campus of today to the future of society worldwide. The value of information technology lies in the activities it supports, which span virtually every college and university system–for managing finances, learning, research, security, sustainability, and more. Information technology professionals thus need to understand the larger issues faced by their institutions: the drivers of change and the enablers, themes, and questions for the future.


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