Life long learning portal

“The portal is a European Commission initiative which forms part of the Lifelong Learning Programme, managed by the Directorate-General for Education and Culture; Geographical Impact of Programmes; Comenius–Grundtvig Unit. The site is managed and maintained by P.A.U. Education.

The European Commission initiated in 2002, to support the transformation of education through technology. Today, with more than 35,000 registered users with an average of 16,000 monthly visits, it has become a key forum for exploring change and innovation in education. is home to an active and engaging community; scholars, educators, policy makers, students and other stakeholders use the portal  as a virtual meeting place, where they come together to share and discuss solutions for a diverse range of educational issues. The portal, and its user-generated content, offers a collaborative, critical and creative approach to looking at where education is today, and where it is headed tomorrow.”

Information Sources

eLearning Papers


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